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Providing Low Cost, High Quality Skill Development Courses in Vernacular Languages to Help Students Learn New Skills to Help You Get A Job, Become Self-Employed or Start a Business.

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-Great for Learning Short term Courses & Skills
-Effective Cost Rs 15/day
-Learn From Any Course On Our Website For 1 Day


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-Great For Learning Short/mid Term courses & Skills
-Effective Cost ₹ 17/Day
-Learn From Any Course On Our Website For 30 Days
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Frequently Asked Questions

SkillYogi.com is an online learning platform where you can learn new skills in vernacular languages i.e. English, Hindi and Bengali from experts.

You will get counselling from our experts regarding your queries and issues

Each course is made in a way that it is modular and will provide instant benefit with skills you learnt through any course

You can learn any career development skills such as sales, marketing, branding to photography, video editing or even welding which helps with improving your earnings and value at your job, business or self-employment or freelancing career.

We have courses which are suitable for beginners and advanced user who are looking to brush up their skills

If you are unable to find any relevant courses and want us to make courses on the said topic, please feel free to mail us at care@skillyogi.com and mention the skills and language you want to learn

With SkillYogi.com, you have the luxury of learning a new skill at your speed as the learning and understanding process varies from person to person and we want you to learn skills not just complete a course

Courses are available in vernacular languages i.e. english, hindi and Bengali to help you understand and learn better and faster

All of our courses are modular i.e. each course is complete by itself also you can add multiple courses from our library and create a learning path for yourself i.e. you can learn marketing, sales and photography to become a professional photographer

Easy content which is relatable and provides a real-life application which helps you develop a better understanding and apply them at your job, business or self-employment/freelancing career

Forum and user-based platform on facebook and website with promotes users to interact and communicate with other users and teachers

You can direct ask and engage with teachers and get counselling from them to help you clear your doubts and grow in your career

You get access to all our library and resources at INR 399/month as we believe money should be a hindrance for you to learn new skills

Our experts are from various fields from academics to executives so you can learn not only theory but also the practical applications as well

You can network with other users and experts on our forum which will help you not only learn new skills but also develop a strong network of professionals to help you grow your career

Each and every course on SkillYogi.com provides instant benefit i.e. what you learn from any course on SkillYogi.com, you can apply them immediately in your professional life and create a positive change, improve productivity and increase income

No, you don’t need any books but you must keep a pen and paper to note down important points and tips which will be taught to you in your course

You can record your question in form video, audio or text and send it to us on WhatsApp at +91 9433889898/+91 9804282819 so our experts can help you

You can ask questions on our facebook groups where other users can help you as well

Though we are adding courses and bringing new teachers on board every day if you have used all search options (the search bar and course catalogue) and cannot find your course, email us with your request at care@skillyogi.com and we will have the course created for you as soon as possible

Also, if you know someone who could create an apt course, act as the bridge and connect us with them! You would get your perfect course, the teacher will have the perfect platform for online teaching and so many others would also benefit from that course. This is your opportunity to create a ‘win-win-win’ moment!

Registering on SkillYogi.com is very easy, please check the following videos for better understanding. If you need any help, please feel free to reach us on WhatsApp at +91 9433889898 for help

Hindi tutorial: https://youtu.be/kMG14govRT4

Bengali tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4FTR9Po1is

English tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opmc50VJrrE

We’d ask you to note it down somewhere but if you didn’t do that, follow these steps:

Simply click on Login

Select ‘Forgot Password?’ after which you’ll be asked to enter your email

Type in your email and we will send a reset link so you can change your password

You have to select your language of learning and browse through the courses and select the course you want to learn from the course library and begin learning

Discussion forums functions as study groups, for every course you enrol in ou can access the forum and meet other students who are taking the same courses and ask questions or help someone with a problem

Our discussion forums are on facebook to make it easy and convenient for the user to communicate create value

You can follow the links below to join Hindi, English and Bengali facebook forum

Hindi forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hindisky/

Bangla forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/skybangla/

English forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/skillyogienglish/

The forums pack a lot of diversity in one place. Hence, there are a few things we are firmly against so that a healthy environment is maintained for all

Do not use the forums for casual conversations like hi/ hello/ good morning. If you do wish to send such a message, use the private chat rooms.

Do not post disrespectful comments or remarks

Any disrespectful/ derogatory/ judgemental remarks can be reported by other users. So, follow the golden rule and treat others as you would have them treat you

Also, posting any inappropriate content might even lead to your banning from the forums for the upcoming 24 hours

We are an all-digital platform and accept payments through online only

Payment options available are

  • Net banking
  • debit/credit card
  • PayTm wallet
  • Paypal
  • Google Pay

We’ve tried to offer the commonly used Payment Options. However, if you wish to pay through any other method, feel free to reach out to us on ‘care@SkillYogi.com’ and our team will get in touch with you accordingly

No, we don’t provide refund but we request you check our free content online on youtube and facebook before purchasing our membership

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