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Do you want to learn and master the skill of sales? 
Do you know the highest-paying skill in this world is ‘sales’ 

We are surrounded by salespeople around us who are providing us solutions to a problem in an innovative way and salesmen are those people who can convince you to buy the product which will help you solve your pain.

Without sales no company can survive so this is a very essential skill that everyone has to learn one way or another. In this course you are going to learn the basics of sales, how does it work, what are the basics, how you can improve your sales skill, how you can master negotiation, how you can understand and handle difficult customers and much more

So if you are an employee or a business owner or self-employed this skill is very essential for you to learn to survive in this professional and competitive world
Join me in this course and learn the skills of sale with me on skillyogi.com

Course Curriculum

Promo FREE 00:01:18
What Is Sales? FREE 00:02:06
Why Sales Is Important? 00:03:55
Why People Hate Salespeople? FREE 00:01:57
Difference Between Marketing and Sales 00:01:28
Why Marketing and Sales Are Related FREE 00:00:48
What Drives a Sale? 00:04:41
Fear Greed Passion
Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Into Sales FREE 00:02:47
Customer 00:03:22
B2C v/s B2B 00:06:03
Understanding Your Product FREE 00:02:40
Creating a Buyer Persona 00:02:36
Building Your Personality 00:06:49
What Is A Sales Pitch? FREE 00:02:17
Basics of a Client Meeting 00:06:18
Types of Sales Methods 00:10:34
Diagnosis of Sale 00:02:53
Creating Your Sales Pitch 00:06:19
Providing Solution and Pitching 00:03:29
How to Handle Rejection 00:04:17
Negotiation 00:06:53
Convert a No to Yes FREE 00:02:57
How This Skill Will Help You With Your Career?
How This Can Help You With 00:00:22
Getting a Job FREE 00:00:38
Self-Employed FREE 00:00:42
Business FREE 00:00:48

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  • 1 hour, 30 minutes

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